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Cleared is a Covid-response app and business solution that was developed to combat the world-wide shutdowns resulting from the quickly spreading pandemic.

Cleared reconnects people to workplaces, communities and loved ones; allows users to return to living life and helps organisations to manage the health and wellbeing of staff and all visitors to the workplace.

Why Cleared?

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The Cleared Team transforming the New Normal

At the heart of Cleared we believe people should be able to live their lives and not be isolated. Always thinking about the future, we are enabling the community to transform to a new normal using simple easy to use technology.

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What  We  Do

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Employee Protection   

We are concerned about your health and your data and Cleared is built to protect both. You get to choose who you share your data with and for how long, all within your control.

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Workplace Readiness   (by location) 

At Cleared we will work with you to design the best solution to meet your needs in this crisis, creating standard operating procedures, risk mitigation plans, and reporting and compliance that will allow you to rest at night. The real-time data flows will enable you to do better capacity planning understanding where your employees are in each location, including home locations, making sure everyone is safe.

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Health AI Module    

The future belongs to those that are ready. Our health AI module gives you everything you need to be ready to get out amongst your friends, family, colleagues and buddies and know that you and everyone around you is safe.

Employee Dashboard

We provide each Employee with their own Dashboard, showing their activities (& in time their families), including temperature profile, each questionnaire results. The Dashboard illustrates the last 30 day profile along with travel history. The Dashboard is an employee’s key tool, importantly to note the employee’s data is their data and they elect to share it.

Administrator COVID-19 Symptom Dashboard.png
User Covid Symptom Dashboard

Measure, Monitor & Reporting     

From an Organisation perspective, the Dashboard gives a view of the workforce and their current status by location. At a glance you can see the workforce health, those onsite and those remote, as well as drill in to the daily, weekly, monthly recorded activities. Results of Organisational check lists can be compared month to month and much more. ​

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About Cleared

We spend our time thinking way outside of any box. While we were locked down in isolation, we got out of the box and got creative; this was our time to use our knowledge in technology to help people protect their health and well-being. 

We believe that empathy, intuitive design, and technology push us forward. We’re always thinking about the future.


Cleared is a quick and easy to use app. After a few clicks, it is all done.  It is comforting to know that all green means go!  This is a reassurance that my family and I can move around safely, and not be spreading COVID-19.

Chantell Prakke

Personal Assistant

The Shoulder Practice

Thank you so much CLEARED!

This app has made a massive difference in my practice since it is a legal obligation for us to capture status of our employees in the workplace.

 I have no stress generating reports as I can extract weekly reporting automatically! It is user friendly, quick and simple to use for the employees as well as the admins. 

Dr  Christelle Van Der Watt

Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Shoulder Practice

Cleared is an extremely user-friendly app to use, I screen myself daily before going to the office; it only takes a minute of my day. 

It helps me do my part to make sure everybody at home and work is safe.

Nicky Gunther

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Covid-19 Compliance

A fully compliant business solution that helps employees stay safe and keeps organisations operational.

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Have you got any questions?

Drop us a line!

We are here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Living in the New Normal.
Managing the new normal with Cleared.
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