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The Cleared user journey is a simple 5 step process that helps you keep an eye on your Covid-19 symptoms every day

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Sign-in into your Cleared App and click " Start Questionnaire" to complete your daily screening.

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Completing your screening can result in 3 outcomes Red, Amber or Green

You are Cleared, continue to your organisation or destination.

Contact the organisation to make sure you can attend their location.

Consider staying at home and monitoring your symptoms.

Stay at home consider contacting your healthcare provider.

Postpone your visit to the organisation or destination.

When you are Cleared, you can proceed safely to your destination. Please adhere to your prescribed hygiene protocols.

Arriving at your destination, go to reception, Scan the QR Code with your app to confirm your visit.

Keep your Cleared App with you at all times as proof of your status.

Each time you enter other locations, scan the QR code.

Your Cleared status will turn to Amber at the start of the next day.

You will have to complete your screening again the next day.

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Cleared is a quick and easy to use app. After a few clicks, it is all done.  It is comforting to know that all green means go!  This is a reassurance that my family and I can move around safely, and not be spreading COVID-19.

Chantell Prakke

Personal Assistant

The Shoulder Practice

Thank you so much CLEARED!

This app has made a massive difference in my practice since it is a legal obligation for us to capture status of our employees in the workplace.

 I have no stress generating reports as I can extract weekly reporting automatically! It is user friendly, quick and simple to use for the employees as well as the admins. 

Dr  Christelle Van Der Watt

Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Shoulder Practice

Cleared is an extremely user-friendly app to use, I screen myself daily before going to the office; it only takes a minute of my day. 

It helps me do my part to make sure everybody at home and work is safe.

Nicky Gunther

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Have you got any questions?

Drop us a line!

We are here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Living in the New Normal.
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