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Cleared User Journey

A simple 5 step process that helps you keep an eye on your Covid-19 symptoms every day

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When you are cleared you can proceed safely to your destination. Please adhere to your prescribed hygiene protocols.

Log into your Cleared App and click on "Start Quetionnaire"

Arriving at your destination go to reception, scan the QR Code with your app to confirm your visit.

Stay at home, consider contacting your healthcare provider.

Contact the organisation to make sure you can attend their location. Consider staying at home.

You are cleared, continue to your organisation or destination.

Completing your screening can result in 3 outcomes Red, Amber or Green

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Keep your Cleared App with you at all times as proof of your status. Each time you enter other locations, scan the QR Code.

Your Cleared status will turn to Amber the next day. You will have to complete your screening again the next day.

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